How it works?

“FX-Sniper”: A Forex Trader who executes trades with sniper-like skill, patience, and precision.


Challenging all the Forex gurus, mentors, trainers and experts

Show off your Forex skills in the Sniper Challenge.

1 Trade - 1 Month - 1 Chance - $100 Live Account 

The trader with the most profitable trade will be crowned:

The FX Sniper Champion 2019!

$500 Guaranteed First Prize and Entry into our Hall of Fame

Do you have what it takes?

STEP 1 – Open or Link your Account

STEP 1 – Open your Trading Account with any of our Partnered Brokers. If you already have an account with any of these brokers, you can follow the instructions to connect to our affiliate Program. This will automatically give you free Membership. Find instructions on our MEMBERSHIP PAGE

STEP 2 – Fund new account with 100$

Once you have completed Step 1 you can fund your trading account with $100. Do not open ANY trades until the starting date.

Also be sure to choose 500:1 leverage. If the option is not available, you can contact your Broker or contact us on Telegram:

STEP 3 – Complete the Entry Form

Once you have a linked and funded account with one of our Partnered Brokers you can complete the ENTRY FORM. Once completed we will contact you to confirm your entry. Remember Step 4 and give us a shout-out on Social Media :)

Entry Form
STEP 4 (Optional) – Give us a shout-out!

On any of our social media channels using #FXSniperChallenge:
(Discord, Twitter, Facebook)


  • "#FXSniperChallenge Locked and Loaded!"
  • "Good luck to everyone, you will need it 😊 #FXSniperChallenge"
  • "Ready for the #FXSniperChallenge. Bring it on!"

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By entering the FX Sniper Championship you agree that you understand the risks involved in Forex trading and that you can afford and accept the risks involved. 

Rules and Conditions

  • To qualify for the Title and Prize these conditions have to be met.
  • Trading account must be funded with 100$
  • Leverage on account must be 500:1
  • Account must be linked to our Affiliate programme for verification purposes
  • There may be no trading history on account before the event and no trades until the first one is closed and submitted
  • The name used to register must match that of your verified Broker account
  • We will accept late entries up until the final week, but only 1 entry per person is allowed
  • The winner must agree to a short interview, video, audio or written. (Trader may choose to stay anonymous)
  • Trades must be logged/submitted the day it is opened. Results must be submitted before the closing date.
  • Trading window: 30 September (Market Open) to 25 October (Market Close)
  • The trader with the most profit on his first trade will be crowned FX Sniper Champion
  • Once the results are verified and the winner announced, the decision is final.
  • We reserve the right to add to these rules and conditions as required.