Interview with the Winner

  • Name: Andrei Florin Segarceanu

    Age: 33

    Nationality: Romanian

    Currently Living in: Shanghai, China

    Profession: Economist, Trader

    How many years have you been involved in trading?


    Do you trade any other markets other than Forex?


    Will you be back for our next event in 2019?

    Most probable yes. Will be interesting how traders perform with live accounts.

    Other than trading, what are your hobbies?
    Meditating, walking in nature, fitness, strategy games, fishing, bike, driving,

    Advise for new traders?

    Practice. Only with practice you can become skilled.

  • Do you have any trading mentors or influences?

    Yes. I can call myself a lucky man. I met in the past traders which were profitable traders on NYSE or were themselves instructed by insiders. I got information’s from everybody but the final step I was who did it. I mean I spent 2 years, day by day, 12 hours a day, 5 days per week, trying to understand
    the Market. My yearly blood analysis was somehow uncalibrated, lol, since there was a intense stress period. Finally, I achieved to create my own trading strategy and the results appeared.
    Competed on many trading contests along years and qualified in first 5 places. That gave me confidence in my trading analysis and motivation to develop the strategy to become more efficient.

    How do you prepare for the market?
    Usually I take trades between London and New York session. This is the period who move the price for me. Then I scan the pairs to check if there are opportunities to sell or buy

  • Any books you would recommend to aspiring traders?

     I said always that the best book a trader could read is the practice.

    What is your favourite currency pair to trade?
    I don’t have one. I trade on all, except NOK, ZAR, TRY, MXN. I’ve focused on all currencies. If you know how to do your job, you can do it in any environment.

    Many traders would like to know your Strategy. Could you provide us with some insight on your trading methods?

    I’m using the Market Cycles trading technique. Some would call it “Wyckoff” but they are different. Market Cycles is better and  more objective. I made a post about Market Cycles some months ago on Fx Price Action Setups but there was no interest for it. More, I was criticized, and I decided to remove the information I shared. Now I’ve won the contest and people request me to tell them about the trading method. No more from me. It’s enough!  “First they mock you then they ask you advice”. 
    You know, people want a bullet-proof trading method to make money quickly. The truth is only with hard work and practice results will appear.

  • Where did your interest in trading start?

    I was interested when I was 24. Learned the theory and basics. Oscilated between different trading techniques 2 years. My start was on a Romanian trading forum. My colleagues there criticized me also and expelled me from their group many years ago. They complained about trading, because it’s hard, it’s manipulated while I maintained every time is just their lack of knowledge. And I proved with my results. Because of that , they started to mock and ridicule me. I was expelled by my “family” and started the journey alone

    I understand you are starting a signal service. Could you tell us more about your signal service or other projects you are involved with?

    I intend to start a signal service next year.  What make me happy is the freedom, my freedom and also the freedom which I can give to others. If I can make my subscribers happy then I’ve achieved my goal. Because if they are happy then I’m happy. I am talking both psychological and financial situation

  • I hear you have been offered a few fund management opportunities. Could you expand on that?

    Yes. I was offered by private investors, not only now but 3 years ago too. I was offered  9 months ago to join the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Now I’m offered to manage some Asians trading accounts. The best offer by far I’ve received was 3 years ago, to join a team of traders for a private pension fund of 200 millions GBP. I was monitorized about 1 year from “shadow” , posting my setups, results, analysis. Then they contacted me. They requested me 1 year track records , results which I didn’t have at that time. My trading style is to enter with low amount of money , use the high leverage and then withdraw. This way I achieve two goals: I limit the risk and feed  the greed. That make me take more and good trading decisions since the pressure is drastically minimized when you know you are trading with just 100$. You know, if you have $10,000and deposit only $100 that’s 1%. Making 5-600% from these 100$ mean 5-6% profit from total balance. This is literally a very acceptable strategy. It’s ok for me to know that I have many opportunities witch await at my door at every time, but I have some plans and intend to follow them. That’s my priority. You can make money with low investments too not only with millions of $. It’s a fact of choice, my choice is simplicity. Maybe in near future I’ll accept to be hired by some big private investors but for sure will be for a limited time. I don’t like the “chains” if you know what I mean.

  • When you execute orders, do you use Market orders, Stop orders or Limit Orders?

    I use only Market orders and stop orders.

    What do you look for to find your high probability setups?

    I always trade the trend. I always try to buy low and sell high. I always look and wait for them to take control before participating. I try to trade what I see not what I think. I look for Distribution and Accumulation Phases  for sell and respectively for buy. That’s all.

    How long did you study trading before mastering the skill?

    2 years studied Market Cycles before mastering it.

    What does new traders have to be careful of?

    In order of importance: patience, greed, expectations regarding profit. Trading is a defensive game not offensive game.

  • Where does someone who want to trade start?

    I advise everybody to learn to trade only with verified information. The fact that FXPAS offer trading courses and also practice to demonstrate their information, it’s really a honest offer wich I haven’t seen before. I think it is worth. Also even if they follow FXPAS trading course or any other course, they MUST practice the information they learnt. They MUST accommodate with new informations and that is a slowly process which take time, from few months to few years. Don’t blame mentors if you don’t achieve results, because they spent time to master the information they present. It’s like pretending that a 18 years driver which just took his driving license  to have the same experience like a 50 years driver which took his license when he was young. That’s not possible. After you learn something new, you shall accommodate with, and within this process you are doing a self knowing, you learn about yourself how much you like to risk how much to win, if you are comfortable with high risk or not, if you like more the 1:3 risk: Rewards or the win-rate. I have a word “Trading is a slowly process of self knowing.

  • How would you advise a new trader to operate in a group like FXPAS?
    I would advise him to post his trading setups BEFORE the result. That mean if he initiate a sell, he shall put his screenshot with the trade, not to wait until the trade hit TP . Because if the trade hit TP he will post “Before and After” pictures, together, if the trade hit SL he will not post anymore. I always posted the setups BEFORE and then if a loss or win occurred I posted the AFTER. That’s the most transparent way. One picture with the entry, when the trade was created, and one picture later when SL or TP is hit. Those which are not doing such way are lying themselves.

    Would you recommend new traders take the FXPAS Trading course?
    Yes. I was impressed that setups posted on FXPAS thus proving the information from Trading Course.
    That’s a good way  to demonstrate FXPAS isn’t a bullshit. Transparency is a virtue.

  • What other advise do you have for us?

    Traders should develop their own trading strategy. They should know that when a  strategy is working for somebody else it won’t necessarily work for them. The reason is simple: every trading strategy (including stoploss, take profit, frequency, timeframes, reward, scalping or not) is a reflection of the trader which created it. There are no two men identically in the world nor two trading strategies. Even if you follow step by step a trading strategy, soon or later you will add or remove something from it. Guaranteed! Because you are unique in the world and everything wich is linked to your personality is also unique. Try to understand that. 
    At some point you will have the feeling something is missing. Technically analysis doesn’t work. When you realise that just remember that it’s the perfect time to focus on developing a risk management strategy. 
    A trading strategy doesn’t mean only the technical part.

    “There is no range in the Market” – words said by me when I saw for the first time  “ the Sun through the clouds”  since I started learn trading.

    Wish you a profitable years to all and much love & peace.

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